RX Express puts the emphasis on quality customer service

RX Express in Navarre is a full-service pharmacy that puts an emphasis on service. And any customer that walks through the doors at 8986  Ortega Drive is going to be treated with respect.

“When someone walks in, we treat them like they are the president of the company,” said Paul McMellon, the owner of the pharmacy. “They don’t have to come here, but they did, so we do everything we can to give them the great service they    expect.”

McMellon started the pharmacy when he noticed there was a need in the community for a pharmacy that would allow customers to receive personalized, one-on-one service with a short wait and competitive pricing.

“We like to take the approach of a more traditional community pharmacy,” McMellon said. “We view it as serving the community. These are people who we go to church with, that we see out in the community and with whom we socialize.”

Since opening its doors in 2002, RX Express has been working diligently to provide quality customer service, the most current pharmaceutical advances and a variety of patient services.

People that walk in will find a dedicated staff that is smiling and friendly and ready to assist you with both your prescribed medications as well as the large over the counter selection offered at RX. The pharmacy can often order some of the more obscure products that chain stores do not carry, such as Corn Huskers lotion and Packers pine tar soap, and can have them ready for pick up the next day.

RX Express accepts most insurance plans, including Tricare, and its technicians are more than happy to assist with those difficult prescription questions.

Transferring prescriptions is also easy. Just stop in and provide RX Express with your basic information, including a photo ID and insurance card, and the pharmacy will take care of the rest.

Once your prescription has been transferred, you can download the RefillRX app to see your current medications and request a refill. And if you have any other questions about your prescriptions, just give them a call and someone will pick up the phone and talk with you.

In addition to assisting you with your prescription needs, RX Express provides other patient services such as vaccinations, comprehensive medication reviews and a wide variety of non-sterile compounding, including hormone replacement therapy and pet medications.

RX Express also has a state-of-the-art PharmaSmart blood pressure machine that can link blood pressure readings to the pharmacy’s RX30 system to provide your physician with your blood pressure history.

RX Express truly is exceptional and the foundation for its success is family. Speaking of family, Nicklaus McMellon is RX Express’ newest pharmacist. He is a graduate of South University Pharmacy School in Savannah, Ga., and RX Express is proud to bring him on board.

RX Express truly is a cut above the rest and understands what it means to be a local, service-oriented business in a community.


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