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Longton brings plenty of experience to table as Hapkido, Krav Maga teacher

Master Calvin Longton is the Owner and Chief Instructor of Precision Martial Arts in Navarre, where he teaches Hapkido and Krav Maga.  He began his martial arts training in 1973 at the age of 16, having been influenced by Bruce Lee films and the movie Billy Jack, whose stunts were performed by the Father of Hapkido in America, Bong Soo Han.  Longton joined the military in 1977 and served his country for 23 years.  He studied martial arts wherever he was stationed.  His primary interest was always in developing real-world and practical combat survival skills that would be relevant to his military occupation.  He and his wife Janet opened Precision Martial Arts in February of 2003 and have been in the same location, 1/4 mile east of the Super Walmart in Navarre, ever since. They are in their 17th year this year.

Calvin retired from the military in 2003 having served thirteen years with the Marine Infantry and Force Recon, four years with the Army Special Forces (Green Beret), and seven years with the Air Force Special Tactics Combat Control Team.  His duty positions included Infantry Platoon Sergeant and Platoon Commander, Surveillance and Target Acquisition(STA), Platoon Sergeant, 2nd Force Recon Team Leader, Special Operations Capable (SOC) Regimental Enhanced Training Section (RETS) Small Boat Instructor and Expedient Sentry Elimination Course Instructor, Special Forces Communications Sergeant, Special Operations Terminal Attack Control (SOTAC) Instructor, Special Tactics Team Sergeant and Special Tactics Advanced Skills Training (AST) Instructor.  Master Longton’s military qualifications also include; Static-line and Free-Fall Parachutist (HALO), Jump Master, Navy Scuba Diver, Dive Supervisor, Mountain Warfare Leader, Jungle Survival, High Risk Personnel Survival and Ranger qualifications

Master Longton has a 6th Dan (Black Belt) in Hapkido and a 3rd Dan in Israeli Krav Maga. He was recently inducted into the prestigious Hapkido Black Belt Hall of Fame and is one of the only local instructors to have attended Krav Maga Classes at the famous Wingate Institute in Israel. He is a first Dan in Taekwondo and has practiced many other martial arts including Uechi Rhu Karate, Wing Chun Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Blue Belt), Catch Wrestling and Muay Thai, to name a few. He has certifications from the United States Korean Martial Arts Federation, World Hapkido Association, Korean Hapkido Federation, National Korean Martial Arts Association, International Taekwondo Federation, House of Discipline Martial Arts Group and Israeli Krav International.  He is also a fitness trainer with certifications from the International Sports Sciences Association and the Cooper Institute. He also holds a Master of Arts Degree in Religion (Theology and Apologetics) from Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary School.

Master Longton lives with his wife (and co-owner) Janet Longton, who, in her extra time, is a costume designer for the Pensacola Little Theatre as well as local film productions. She has costumed shows such as High School Musical, Hairspray, Fiddler on The Roof, 42nd Street, How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and is currently assisting with Pensacola Little Theatre’s production of Sister Act, which runs through June 30.  She has been the Head Costume Designer on several Sag Ultra Low films such as “3 Headed Shark Attack”, “Trepanation” and “Ardennes Fury.” She is an advertising executive by trade from Los Angeles.


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